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MATEAgadir Website

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1MATEAgadir Website Empty MATEAgadir Website on Thu 13 Mar - 9:37


A newly born website, it is the MATE - Agadir Borad website log on

2MATEAgadir Website Empty Re: MATEAgadir Website on Thu 13 Mar - 13:44


Rang: Administrator
Hello si Zakaria, Alhamdulillah you are back. I thought you kicked the bucket. Laughing Where have you vanished? I know there has been pretty much work and effort on your side. I hope the best for you dear colleague. Thanks alot for such a nice website belonging to Agadir MATE local branch. Was the site your idea or was it somebody else's?
The site is planned carefully; sort of dynamic but not in terms of its data-driven pages. It is cool anyway. We hope to do the same here in Temara-Rabat.
Congratulations! once again thumleft Well Done thumright


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MATEAgadir Website Wooder13

3MATEAgadir Website Empty Re: MATEAgadir Website on Thu 13 Mar - 17:44


Dear Nadi,
I hope you forgive me for being absent the last days. You know the burden is getting heavier on my shoulders working within the MATE agadir board andf working with the poor kids ..etc, but be sure my friend I am still and will also be committed to your project that I believe in too. I am keeping my words. Be sure that I am logging every night on the melta forum, however I noticed that other colleagues have stopped posting. I'm sure it is not of giving up but only due to some other things and that they will rewrite soon.
For the MATE agadir website if you have seen the action plan of the board this year Iam within the committee charged of the Website and the forum, I am not the webmaster of the website but i helped with some suggestions and with some written materials..the webmaster is a Highschool colleague named Mr Salah BELAASAL, a nice guy with alot in mind and I'm keen on to learn alot from him.i was charged to design a forum and thanks to you i managed to do that, i learned a lot from you friend.
you can access the MATe agdir forum either via the website or logging directly on
the folrum is still in its beginning and we are hoping it to be a plat form for the SOUSS EFL teachers.
am now working on both sides the MATE agadir forum and the MELTA.
to end, I am so happy you shorten the link, a nice step forward.keep on the good job.
Stay well

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